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North Lakes Dentist

When looking for a great North Lakes Dentist, you need 3 things; Care, Patience and Pain-Free Dentistry. McCloy Dental has all of these things and so much more. They love seeing their patients with smiles on their faces when they leave their appointment. McCloy Dental has a large array of dental procedures and checkups available. These include general dental procedures, oral health care, full mouth reconstruction and dental face lift/smile makeovers.

Dental Procedures

McCloy Dental has years perfecting their skills in general dental procedures. They know that it can be a scary thought going to the dentist. This is the reason why they have worked on making all their procedures as comfortable and pain-free as possible. They also want to point you in the right direction for good health, starting with your smile. Whether it’s a general check up or a mouth overhaul, you are in the best hands with McCloy Dental.

Oral Health Care

Your oral health is a major part of your overall health. Headaches, migraines and even infection can start from bad teeth. McCloy’s team has a dedicated Oral Health Therapist, Bridget. Bridget is qualified as both a dentist as well as a dental hygienist. This means that she can fix a broken tooth and continue your oral health plan to keep it from happening again. Some of Bridget’s duties include scale and cleaning, periodontal care, radiographs, fillings and extractions (4-17yrs only) and removal of braces. You are in the best hands for all your oral health needs.

Whether it’s oral health, general checkups or full mouth reconstructions, you can rest assured with McCloy Dental. They will take care of you and your mouth, providing the best pain-free dentistry on the market.

Contact McCloy Dental today to book your general check up and have the best smile you can with the best team.

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