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Jaw Pain

Based in the Caboolture / Morayfield area, McCloy Dental have the knowledge, experience and equipment to assist in relieving the discomfort of jaw pain.

As part of our commitment to providing a high standard in dentistry, dental procedures and oral hygiene, we work with our patients to achieve optimal dental health. This includes assessing non-oral, life-factors that could be contributing to, or causing your jaw pain. This holistic approach to treating jaw pain and tooth decay, particularly those experiencing chronic pain, can often bring the end of years, if not decades of discomfort and suffering.

Jaw Pain treatments

Modern Jaw Pain Treatments

Our modern and holistic approach to treating jaw pain places our emphasis on our patients. Your oral health, comfort and overall well-being are of our highest priority. We provide a full range of general dental services including Dental Implants and TMJ treatments

We even cater to children and those who feel uncomfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair. We listen to your queries and concerns and design a unique treatment plan that suits you.

Not Just Jaw Pain

In addition to treating jaw pain caused by; cavities (typically treatments with a dental filling), poor oral hygiene, we also cater to patients in need of a  crown or bridge, dental implants or suffering from Sleep Apnoea,

Can a dentist help fix my Headache?

Jaw pain and tooth decay, cranial facial pain and headaches can often manifest as TMJ or TMD.

Tension headaches, migraines and cramped muscles and pain that’s distracting can be as a result of Temporomandibular Joint Pain. A common disorder resulting from poorly managed Stress.

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