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Dentist Morayfield

McCloy Dental is your family friendly Dentist Morayfield (Caboolture Area) committed to providing excellent dental care, dental procedures and oral hygiene.

Our Dentists and staff work with you to achieve a feeling of health, well-being and great looking teeth.

Dentist Morayfield

Looking for a Dentist in Morayfield?

Our modern dental practice delivers good old-fashioned care, customer service, and exceptional dentistry delivered by some Morayfield’s highly qualified and experienced dentists. Located in Morayfield/Caboolture in Queensland on Morayfield Road, McCloy Dental provide the full range of dental services, with a special emphasis on treating headaches, sleep apnoeadental implants and TMJ treatments.

The team at McCloy Dental listen to what you would like and design a treatment plan for you. We care about you like we care about our family. McCloy Dental also wants to look after your overall health and well-being, not just your teeth. We are very proud that people come first to see us as a dental practice, then, they keep coming back as friends.

McCloy Dental - Dentist Morayfield

What this Dentist in Morayfield Offers

Other than the typical dental fillings, cleaning, crowns/bridges and general dentistry that most standard dentists offer, McCloy Dental go a above and beyond in the types of conditions we treat.

These include:


Snoring, a common symptom of Sleep Apnoea, may be relieved by seeking treatment for TMJ, TMD.  McCloy Dental, Co-Owner Dr Karen McCloy has her Masters of Science (Sleep Medicine) and is currently working on her PHD at the University of Qld on Facial Pain.


For some, tension headaches, migraines and cramped muscles can cause pain is so intense that is is persistent, distracting and can feel very controlling them. If you suffer from headaches and migraines, it could be dental related.


We do our best to cater to all comfort levels. Often, apprehensions towards visiting your dentist stem from a past event or experience that was not pleasant or traumatic. Regardless of your level confidence when visiting a dentist, we can help you feel more at ease. Respectfully, we are known to “cater for cowards” as well as children. We believe that visiting the dentist does not need to be scary, painful or unpleasant!