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Now we know that no – one is going to come & ask us to take an x-ray. We are so excited about this machine of ours, that we feel that’s what you should all be doing.

You’ve all seen those wonderful medical shows on TV where the surgeon maps out the procedure by making a 3D image of the patients brain/arm/intestines etc, (someone has to do these things). Well now we can do this with our I-cat x-ray machine!

i-cat machine

“So What!” I hear you say. Well with the help of this machine, we now have the ability to do implants virtually surgery & pain free. We can now see the jaw joints that are causing your migraines, tinnitus & neck pain in 3 dimensions if we need to. As one lady said ” Now I can see for the first time ever what is really wrong with me!” And once you know the problem, you can work towards the correct treatment.

Seriously, this x-ray machine has the ability to revolutionize the treatment provided for dental implants & joint pain / headaches. We are extremely proud at McCloy Dental to be able to provide it for our patients.


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