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Brisbane North Dental Implants

Brisbane North Dental Implants

Does anyone remember the six million dollar man? Well yes, we can rebuild you. And we would love it if you paid us six million dollars too, but no one ever has or will.

An implant is what we use to replace the tooth or teeth that you really wish you’d never had out all those years ago. A titanium rod is used to replace the tooth root. The bone grows onto it & a porcelain crown is added to it to replace the crown of your tooth. They can also be used for dentures. If you are sick of loose dentures, a few implants can stabilize them & make even chewing a steak a pleasure again.

Better still, our new ICAT x-ray machine will show us exactly where the bone is to put your implants into. That means that in most cases, the implants can go in with minimum surgery, or to put it in plain English – NO STITCHES! Now you can regain the feeling of confidence that goes with having your teeth back – and without the terror that the idea of surgery holds for most of us.

This technique using the Nobel Biocare Nobel Guide is one that only a few practices in Australia can offer, and McCloy Dental is very proud to be one of them.

These days the procedure for placing implants is usually quick & simple. Having an implant or two can make a vast difference to how you feel about your mouth. Any of our staff would be pleased to help explain any of these procedures to you.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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