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Cosmetic Dentist Caboolture

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Trust McCloy Dental your expert Cosmetic Dentist Caboolture. They make your smile shine brighter by replacing and fixing your teeth. Whether your teeth are cracked or need to be cleaned up, McCloy Dental has the team that will make your smile shine again. They also cater for cowards with pain-free procedures on offer by the leaders in everything dental.

If you have missing teeth, this is the best reason to get down to McCloy Dental. They have the skills to colour-match and sculpt the replacement teeth to fit your mouth. They also have the latest in filling replacement to take that mercury out of your mouth and replace it with the right fillings.

Our dedicated caring team, offer both your family and you the latest in cosmetic dentistry in a stress-free, modern environment. With the combination of our up to date experience, technical expertise and personal approach to your dental care, we attract clients of all ages.

“We Cater for Cowards”

Cosmetic Dentist Missing Teeth Dentist Caboolture Cosmetic Dentist Caboolture


The team at McCloy Dental listen to what you would like and design a treatment plan that meets your dentistry needs. We care about you like we care about our family. McCloy Dental wants to look after you, not just your teeth and fillings. We are very proud that people come first to see us as a dental practice, but keep coming back as friends.

Snoring is a common symptom of Sleep Apnoea which may be averted just by visiting our Caboolture Dental Clinic. Dr Karen McCloy now has her Masters of Science (Sleep Medicine) and is excited to put her knowledge to use. Why not make an appointment to discuss how we can help with c-pap alternatives.


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