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Family Friendly Caboolture Dental Clinic

We are family friendly Caboolture Dental Clinic, and, in addition to the expected general dental treatments, we go a above and beyond what you’ll find at most dental clinics.

Family Friendly Caboolture Dental Clinic

Can a dental clinic help with relieving Snoring & Sleep Apnoea?

The quick answer is, Yes, some dental clinics can assist with relieving snoring and sleep apnoea.

Snoring is a common symptom of Sleep Apnoea, and may be relieved by visiting our our dental practice at Caboolture. We place an emphasis on the custom treatment of TMJ, TMD as well as other oral and facial related complaints that are often experienced by sleep apnoea sufferers.

Can a dental clinic help with relieving Headaches?

Again, the answer is Yes, some dental clinics can assist with the treatment of headaches. For those who suffer from tension headaches, migraines and cramped muscles, there’s a chance that a visit to a TMJ, TMD dental clinic can assist. Pain that is so intense, persistent and distracting is commonly caused by Temporomandibular Joint Pain, a disorder stemming from Stress.

Pain Free Dentistry

We are a Caboolture Dental Clinic that cares for the comfort and well being of its patients. We are also a family friendly practice committed to providing excellent dental care.

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